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Teaching and learning are activities that always occur simultaneously. People get to learn through different ways; by observation, by listening and by engaging in activities just but to mention a few. At the end of it all, we all get to learn something new or rather increase knowledge in different perspectives of life. Praising positive actions and ignoring negative ones forms the best basis of learning in the current era, if we come to look at this issue closely.

Take an example of teaching children, no matter the setting, either at home or at school, the issue of positivity works perfectly well for their development. If kids are motivated to have a positive look at their areas of weaknesses, they eventually start to believe they have the ability to do well. An example of one of the greatest doctors to have existed, Doctor Ben Carson, who in his early schooling days used to perform very poorly. Until someday he correctly answered a question in class to everyone’s shock. This motivated him to even go deeper, believing he could do better in his studies, a reason evident in the current era, well known for his achievements as a modern-day doctor.

Positivity sparks a feeling of responsibility and ignites motivation of self-belief. If someone is negatively rebuked for doing something in a wrong way, they may eventually fall for the ‘I do not know how to do it’ pitfall. Instead, if the very person was guided on a better way to go about the issue, he or she would have started working on a way to improve in the area in question. In relation to this, is a reason why nations have prisons to correct behavior of law breakers. Although prisons are not necessarily a way of ignoring negative actions, they are a way of upholding positive ones. Law breakers are sentenced to a certain period of incarceration to make them learn on the importance of good actions in the society as well as correct them on their wrong doings at the end of their imprisonment period. The prisons act as way of enlightening the society on the purpose of keeping ultimate good behavior in the society and the repercussions that come with breaking the law. This is a way of re-instating the paramount importance of positivity and coexistence among people.

People are what they see. If you live with hostile people, the greater chances are that you will be hostile as well. A saying goes that, ‘show me your friend and I will tell you your character’. Evidently, this means that whatever your friend has a behaviour of doing, most likely forms a basis of your behaviour too. In the past we have seen leaders in the nation of Kenya being accused that in a way or another, they were involved in inciting citizens to engage in ethnic wars, leading to what was called post-election violence. The fact that inciting negative actions in people caused such a mass destruction of property and lose of innocent lives, clearly pinpoints on the very reason why we all should ignore negative actions and instead, praise positive actions as a way of teaching the society.

Finally, the purpose of human co-existence demands for cooperation and togetherness. People cannot live in harmony if they keep believing that their neighbors have aspects or behaviors that they do not accustom their beliefs in. Everyone needs to appreciate each other in all aspects, either economically, socially, ethnically even beyond race and borders. To achieve this, it will not be possible by way instilling negative minds and upholding negative actions among people. We all need to learn positivity, which is only possible by praising positive actions and ignoring negative ones among ourselves.

By Moses Miencha

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